31st May 2019


Mirco Hering

Mirco is a Managing Director at Accenture and looks after the Global DevOps practice as well as the Agile practice in Asia Pacific. He has for over a dozen years worked on accelerating software delivery through innovative approaches like Agile and DevOps. He supports major public and private sector companies in Australia and overseas in their search for efficient IT delivery. He shares his experiences on Not A Factory Anymore and while speaking at international conferences. He is the author of "DevOps for the Modern Enterprise", a book helping companies adopt Agile & DevOps and push through the transformation barriers caused by legacy technology and legacy thinking. The book has been awarded as best DevOps book 2018 by DevOps.com. Mirco’s DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 talk was nominated as best talk for another DevOpsDozen Award.

DevOps leadership in the age of agile

Leading technical organisations has become more and more challenging as technologies evolve ever more quickly and best practices have become very contextual. How do we empower Agile teams to be self-managed and yet create sufficient guardrails to keep technology manageable. What seems easy at team level turns out to be ever more difficult the more we scale it up. Guidance from the industry can be diametrically opposed as you can find people advocating to have DevOps teams or not to have DevOps team, to create a common tooling architecture or leave it up the teams, to use maturity models or avoid them at all costs.

To be successful we can take guidance from Agile principles and apply them to the DevOps world. Ideas like systems thinking, visual management and the scientific method of experimentation provide the basis on which we can master DevOps leadership.

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Mirco Hering