31st May 2019


Jose Casal

Jose Casal is a business agility consultant with extensive experience in senior roles. He is dedicated to helping organisations and individuals embrace modern management methodologies including Lean Kanban, Agile and collaboration frameworks. Strongly motivated towards self-development, Jose ensures that he continues to learn and research, so that he is best able to help organisations achieve success in their emergence, or improvement, of Agility . His goal is to help create thriving and engaged organisations.

Jose is the Founder and Chair of the BCS Agile Methods Specialist Group and the chair of the London Lean Kanban Days (LLKD) conference and an international speaker.

As an experienced Agile coach and trainer Jose has accreditations and certifications covering the full breadth of Agile approaches. He is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), Enterprise Kanban Coach (EKC), Training from the BACK of the Room Instructor, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Professional Scrum Master (PSM III) and Innovation Games Collaboration Instructor. He is a co-founder of Actineo

Seeking Nirvana: Achieving predictability in a complex world

As Simon Wardley says: "predictability is a measure of how accurately we can anticipate something". In life and in business, human beings struggle to deal with uncertainty. When you ask people why they engage in agile transformations, change programmes, digital initiatives, scaling projects, and things like that, they will often say that they want things like faster delivery times, cheaper development, better products, higher quality or, just, more benefits. The truth is that what they often really want is to be able to trust the work being done and for it to be predictable. Faster, cheaper, better, higher, richer are all important, but predictability is the building block that enables the others.

Inspired by the ground-breaking work by Daniel Vacanti, this session will discover and explore the different Agile Transformation steps that allow us to build a predictable system that works in complex and uncertain environments. Since Jose Casal introduced this workshop to Actineo's Kanban training courses and workshops, participants consistently highlight it as the outstanding jaw-dropping takeaway from the class. So, health warning, if you have a fragile facial bone structure, please DO NOT attend the session. Otherwise, don't miss out.

A Nirvana of predictability awaits you.

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Jose Casal