31st May 2019


Gabrielle Benefield

Gabrielle Benefield is an author, speaker and coach specialising in Outcome Delivery, Agile and Lean thinking. She is the founder of Mobius Outcome Delivery (Mobiusloop.com). Gabrielle works with diverse industries including aerospace, finance, telecommunications, energy and gaming. Gabrielle has led Product, design, and technology divisions globally. She used Agile and Lean methods to take a Silicon Valley startup to successful Initial Public Offering, then led one of the largest Agile enterprise transformations scaling up to 250+ teams in the US, India, Europe, and Asia. Gabrielle founded the Scrum Foundation in 2009 with Jeff Sutherland (the inventor of Scrum) and other leading Agile thought leaders, to promote enterprise Agile practices within enterprise. Gabrielle is an author of the Scrum Primer, one of the most downloaded guides to Scrum, and the Scrum Patterns book, to be released in 2019.

Mobius Outcome Delivery (MOD) - Stop building more features faster

Agile and Lean teams can go extremely fast. If they are heading in the wrong direction, they will simply fail faster. Instead of simply delivering more, we need to deliver the outcomes that matter.

Mobius is a navigator. Rather than prescribing one right way, Mobius helps you connect existing frameworks and practices, and map them to your own context. Mobius uses target outcomes to align strategic intent to delivered value. This helps you focus on the right problems, and deliver the greatest impact for the least effort.

MOD has been used in aerospace, banking, social impact, product innovation, and even life hacking. Gabrielle will show examples from RedHat innovation labs, Google Apigee, and Danish Government.